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Appreciation of the environment

In compliance with international eco-standards, with respect to mother nature.

The wood for Karelia floors is sourced from well-managed forests. Most of the material used for Karelia hardwood floors -- such as birch, oak and ash -- grows in Northern and Central Europe: areas where the number of trees growing exceeds the number of trees that are felled.

The CoC certificate, granted to Karelia with regard to material acquisition, guarantees the origin of the wood. Based on this certificate, Finnish Forest Certification Association has granted Karelia-Upofloor Oy the right to use the PEFC certificate. See the new video on PEFC-certification: http://www.pefc.fi/.

Forests have always been valued in Finland, and their natural products held in high esteem. This esteem can still be witnessed in the operating methods of Karelia. All our work is guided by the strict ISO 14001 international environmental standard and the esteemed ISO 9001 quality standard. This is our way of ensuring that every Karelia hardwood floor is produced with respect for the environment, fulfilling our high quality requirements.



CoC Certificate
ISO 9001-14001
Karelia CE-marking