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Strip design

Karelia hardwood floor structure, dimensions and strip

Strip Design

The number of strips tells you how many parallel wood strip parts are used in the surface layer of the floor. The 1-strip hardwood floor is made of a single board. The 3-strip floor consists of several pieces that have been put in three rows. The number of strips affects the look and feel of the floor, its rhythm and liveliness.


Illustration of a plank and its different layers1. Top layer

Selected precious wood, thickness about 3,5 mm.

2. Middle layer

Slowly grown Finnish spruce, thickness about 8,0 mm.

3. Bottom layer

Veneer made of slowly grown Finnish spruce, thickness about 2,0 mm.


  Width (mm) Lenght (mm)  Thickness (mm)  Package (m²) 
Full Plank 138 138  1800/2000  14  2,0/2,2 
Full Plank 188  188  2000/2266  14  3,0/3,41 
2-strip  200  2421 14 3,87
3-strip  188  2266  14  3,41 


Full Plank 138 Full Plank 188 2-strip 3-strip
Fullplank138  Fullplank188  2strip  3strip