Throughout the centuries, hardwood has been the natural choice wherever a floor has needed durability, longevity and an individual appearance.

That forest feeling

The crispness when the fog lifts from the treetops. The sweet smell of pine, damp earth and bark after the rain. The stillness. Over the centuries, the people of the Nordic region have developed a special attachment to their huge forests, reflected in our fondness to use natural materials when we decorate our homes. And we’ve learnt that the best way to bring that forest feeling into our homes is to choose a hardwood floor.

Quality and value of home and hearth have always been the hallmark of a wooden floor. Indeed, this timeless appeal makes a real hardwood floor the perfect complement to a modern home. Their elegance and convenience have made Karelia hardwood floors a material of choice not only for private residences, but also for numerous well-known public premises.

Karelia - A part of Kährs Group

Karelia is a Finnish based company with a long history of producing high quality hardwood floors for both public and residential areas. A Karelia floor is characterised by durability, longevity and beauty.

Ever since the start, we’ve also developed a strong feeling to preserve our forests. That is why we dedicate ourselves to finding the most environmental friendly ways to produce our floors.

Karelia is part of the Kährs Group, an innovative world leader in wood flooring and PVC-free resilient flooring.

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Manufacturing of resilient coverings begins in Nokia. Production expands in 1960s to include public spaces' resilient mats and flexible vinyl mats.


Karelia Parketti begins from Parkettiliike Väänänen Oy, founded by Heikki Väänänen to engage in hardwood flooring installation, wholesale and imports.


Tuupovaara hardwood flooring factory acquired by Karelia Parketti Oy. Production of hardwood flooring with Karelia trademark begins in 1992.


Kuopio factory completed.


Karelia Parketti Oy and Upofloor Oy merge to form Karelia Yhtymä group.


Hartwall family becomes majority shareholder of Karelia Yhtymä Oy (Hartwall family 63.3%, Heikki Väänänen's family 33.4%, external board members and operative management 3.3%).


Karelia-Upofloor started production in Romania.


Karelia-Upofloor's subsidiary, Focus Wood, started parquet production in Russia.

Hartwall Capital Oy Ab buys the Karelia Upofloor Oy shares owned by Heikki Väänänen's family. After the acquisition Hartwall Capital and its stakeholders own ninetynine percent of the group.


Merger of Karelia-Upofloor and the Swedish company AB Gustaf Kähr. The majority owner Triton and the second largest owner Hartwall Capital.