Each and every log approved by Karelia passes many watchful eyes on its journey from the forest to a home. Only wood that's beautiful to look at and faultless in quality is passed on. Before the finished boards are shipped out into the world they are meticulously inspected by both human and electronic eye at Karelia. This helps us ensure that you receive a hardwood floor that fulfils
every one of Karelia's strict quality requirements.

Design guide

The appearance of a wood floor not only depends on the wood species – it’s also a matter of natural graining, strip design and surface treatments. Read more about the options below.

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Joint systems

Karelia wood floors come with two different joint systems: Profiloc 5G and Profiloc 2G.

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Wood species

Karelia hardwood floors are made of carefully selected, beautiful wood species. Apart from looks, wood species also vary in durability, hardness and how they react when they are exposed to normal sunlight.

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Karelia hardwood floor structure, dimensions and strip. You can choose your Karelia hardwood floor from three options: traditional 3-strip, 2-strip or 1-strip Full Plank hardwood floorings. The number of strips tells you how many parallel wood strip parts are used in the surface layer of the floor.

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