Karelia is now introducing the next generation joint system – Profiloc 5G – enabling easier and faster installation, as well as ensuring a stronger floor. Karelia with Profiloc 5G is just as easy to install as a glued down or floating floor.

Karelia Profiloc 5G

Profiloc 5G joint system tightly locks the floorboards into place without the need of any glue or specialty tools, guarantees a stronger floor and enables easier installation. 

Since the successful introduction of the Profiloc 2G, Karelia has continued with further development to continuously improve and innovate advanced joint systems which promote easy and precise installation. The continued dedication has resulted in the innovation of Profiloc 5G, suitable for both floating and glue-down installations. 

Profiloc 5G allows larger areas (up to 15m wide x 25m long) to be installed without the need of dilatations profiles. The final result will be a quality and durable floor which will withstand heavy traffic & seasonal changes.

Karelia Profiloc 2G

Karelia Profiloc joint system enables you to construct your own floor quick and easy, without special expertise. Thanks to the traditional, self-locking Profiloc system where no glue is needed to install the floorboards. Profiloc tightly locks the floorboards into place. The end result is a beautiful floor with virtually unnoticeable joints.

Floor installation check list:

  • Make sure the subfloor is clean, dry and level.
  • The relative humidity of concrete floors must be under 85%.
  • When installing, the temperature of the materials, subfloor and on site must be at least 18 °C.
  • Make sure that the correct vapour barrier is fitted.
  • Put aside any damaged or faulty floorboards.