We continue to develop new ways to bring beauty and new design to our wood flooring range, increasing possibilities for personal choices.


Brushing the surface highlights the natural structure of the grain and emphasizes the texture of the wood. Brushing effects vary, depending on the wood species. Brushes are made from different materials in varying levels of hardness, and brushing is often carried out along with other refining treatments such as staining and bevelling of edges.

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Staining further enhances the wood’s natural colour tones. It also allows us to apply new colours, thus completely transforming the appearance of the wood. Karelia offers a wide range of stained options – from the palest

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Smoking is an old technique used for treating wood floors, typically oak, to bring out darker shades, while the sapwood remains light. The colour can be different within the boards due to tanine concentrations.

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Story (bevelled edge)

Bevelled edges give the floor a distinct look. We offer a number of floors with a bevelled edge finish.

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